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The Brunchies

by Scott Bridges
Huffington Post
July 20, 2012

Among the pleasures of living in Southern California is unfettered access to fresh farmers’ market produce, a picture-perfect climate and our hallmark leisurely way of life, and nowhere do these characteristics combine so symbiotically than in our tradition of weekend brunch. It may very well be my favorite meal. After all, all the pleasures of breakfast and lunch become available; and when else is it socially permissible to drink before noon?

I give you, therefore, my humble awards in a handful of categories integral to a proper brunch. In the tradition of those ubiquitous award program euphemisms, I give you “The Brunchies.”

This list is by no means exhaustive, and no doubt there are gems I’ve overlooked or have yet to discover. And if it seems a little bit Westside-biased, I concede the point; but I’ll suggest that the best brunch is a local brunch. In the spirit of fairness, however, I welcome suggestions and recommendations. Let me know your favorite haunts.

So without further adieu…

The Charleston
Hands down the best jazz brunch in town. And on a stretch of Wilshire Boulevard with a handful of waffle-specializing restaurants, Executive Chef Jet Tila serves up the best chicken & waffles in the neighborhood. His modern take on classic comfort foods makes for a very American-style brunch. I should add that the cocktails are superb.

Brunch Plans: The Charleston

strong>Celebrity chef Jet Tila debuts delectable jazz brunch with all the fixings.

by Michelle Ward
Los Angeles Confidential
May 11, 2012

Bread Pudding French Toast

Jet Tila’s new gastrolounge, The Charleston, is now open early for weekend brunch. Known for his inventive culinary repertoire, the celebrity chef has combined live jazz and American comfort food for a fun-filled, 1930s-style experience.

The Richard Glaser Band takes to the stage to perform classic jazz stylings while guests tuck into bottomless mimosas and breakfast favorites, including bread pudding French toast, chicken and waffles, and brisket hash and eggs. Brunch menu is available Saturdays and Sundays, 10 AM-2PM.